Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oocademy Partner with thousands of Colleges & Universities, online colleges, individual class providers, and hundreds of the leading online media companies, have made Oocademy one of the premier destination sites for adults seeking to enhance their education and further their careers through distance learning. We are one of the fastest growing online marketplaces for degree programs, lifelong learning, offering:

    Continuing Education Classes
    Online Degree Programs
    Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees
    Corporate Training
    Professional Certifications
    Education Financing
    Test Preparation 

Our online education marketplace provides consumers a convenient, comprehensive, and personalized source of classes, degree programs, and related information and services.
Campus Book Rentals rents textbooks to college students across the nation saving them hundreds of dollars every semester. With customers on nearly every college campus in the country.

Elevate Your IT Skills!
Make a Statement in Your Career with Transcender Transcender makes exam preparation software for IT certification exams. With Transcender you'll know you're ready to pass. Transcender exam simulations are consistently named "Best Practice Exams" by IT Professionals. Click here to download a FREE demo. Transcender offers the most realistic simulations of Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Sun, CISSP, PMP and Oracle certification exams. IT Professionals worldwide consistently name Transcender exam simulations as the "Best Practice Exams". Transcender offers a "Pass the Exam the First Time" guarantee. Join now and see how Transcender can soon become your Best Performing Advertiser. We offer the products IT professionals want to prepare for their certification exams. Partner with us today and get the performance you deserve.Elevate Your IT Skills! TranscenderCert exam simulations are consistently named "Best Practice Exams" by IT Professionals. If you're considering IT certification, use TranscenderCert to be certain you are prepared to pass the exam. Whether you are interested in CompTIA, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun, Cisco or PMI exams, Transcender can help. Click here to elevate your skills and get a FREE demo now! vist Oocademy for more infomation

Teach Across The Globe
The world’s leading TEFL course provider, i-to-i TEFL has trained more than 127,000 people in the last 18 years. With more than 250 years of combined TEFL experience across our staff, tutors and TEFL academics, i-to-i TEFL offers world renowned training – either face-to-face training in the classroom, distance learning online or a combination of the two! In the past 12 months alone, i-to-i has trained 15,000 people to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and assisted them in finding jobs across the globe and have also picked up a clutch of prestigious awards and nominations. Why do people buy our products? *Our products give people the opportunity to do something completely different with their lives *TEFL courses (Teach English as Foreign Language) can give people a whole new direction with their careers *It offers people the opportunity to travel the world while working *We appeal to a broad range of customers from builders to students.  Earn money teaching English abroad - i-to-i paid teaching jobs.

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